DAM Standards

DAM Standards is a list of Digital Asset Management standards and protocols that directly relate to DAM or are used by DAM solutions. See the about page for more information or register to propose a standard for inclusion.

Brandworkz API
Brandworkz provides an open RESTful/JSON API system built as a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The API can be used on any project for which a tight integration with third-party systems is needed; CMS, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Stock Library.

Official Website: https://apidocs.brandworkz.com/
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Bynder API Documentation & Developer portal
Bynder is an online image bank and Digital Asset Management solution that allows you to store, manage and share your media.

Bynder Developer Portal Website

Develop your own applications, plugins, and integrations using Bynder's API and SDKs.

Bynder API Documentation Website

Using the DAM API you can access media, brands, categories, titles, copyright values and various other meta data fields as well as pointers to the file destinations.

The image bank API code examples for Requests and Responses are available in curl, javascript, node.js, python, php and ruby.

Official Website: http://docs.bynderapiv5.apiary.io/
Migrating assets to Bynder
DAM Interoperability
A simple DAM Interoperability standard designed to accommodate protocols from different vendors and other third parties.  See this article for more information: http://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/features/finding-signs-of-life-in-dam-interoperability-1-0/

Official Website: http://damstandards.org/

NetX provides an unabridged JSON-based Web Service endpoint allowing calls for all aspects of the underlying application.

Official Website: https://kb.netx.net/display/KB/Developer+Tools
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API Methods and Objects
Picturepark API

Picturepark Web Services API

Using the same API used by Picturepark developers, you can extend the Picturepark UI, create entirely new interfaces, build add-on components to extend the products core functionality, or just script advanced workflows that enable Picturepark customers to do more with standard systems.

View Picturepark API Documentation

Webservice Tutorial

Picturepark Asset Connector (PAC) Framework

The Picturepark Asset Connector framework provides all the Web service methods and UI components required to select and retrieve Picturepark-managed digital assets from another application. It provides you with a mini Picturepark UI that can appear from within external applications. Users can search, select and place assets into other applications with minimal development effort on your part.

The framework is frequently used for integrations into CMS, PIM or ERP systems that enable users to pull images or video from Picturepark for use on a web page or in a publication.

Official Website: http://www.picturepark.com
Third Light JSON API
The Third Light API provides a JSON-based interface to add, edit, delete and read from the product. As Third Light uses this API to power the user interface of the product, coverage is typically provided for every aspect of the underlying services and maintained in tandem with product updates.

The Third Light Developer Exchange is an open forum for discussing and using the API.

Official Website: https://www.thirdlight.com/docs/display/integration
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Developer Exchange
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